Ms diabetes and endocrine center

The main aim of this topic to develop skills in history taking and physical examinations. Lectures 1. Interviewing and the case history taking. Techniques of questioning. Medical interview in special situations.

Internal Medicine: Propaedeutics

Symptoms and approaches to them. Wittmann István 2. Wittmann István 3. The principles and techniques of physical examination. Recording information of interviews and physical examination. Wittmann István 4. Wittmann István 5. History taking in chest and lung diseases. Nagy Lajos 6. Nagy Lajos 7.

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Physical examination of the chest and lung. The related abnormalities. Nagy Lajos 8.

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Nagy Lajos 9. Introduction to cardiology.

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Case history taking of the cardiovascular system. Epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases. Risk factor assessment for cardiovascular diseases. Faludi Réka Physical examination of the cardiovascular system.

Blood pressure measurement, examination of peripheral ms diabetes and endocrine center. Gaszner Balázs History taking in abdominal diseases. Physical examination of the abdomen.

Rectal digital examination. Fábián György Diagnosis of common abdominal syndromes.

Examination of the liver, spleen and the bile duct system. History taking ms diabetes and endocrine center physical examination in common haematological syndromes.

Blood smear taking and examination. Bekő Viktória Diagnosis of endocrine diseases, diabetes mellitus and metabolic disorders.

ms diabetes and endocrine center

Wittmann István History taking in renal diseases. Examination of the kidney and genitalia. Laczy Boglárka History taking and physical examination in angiological diseases. Immunological diseases.

ms diabetes and endocrine center

Complaints and clinical signs. Kumánovics Gábor Wittmann István Practices 1. History taking. The medical record. Vital signs.

Examination of skin. Examination of the head and neck. Pulmonary history taking. Cardiovascular history taking. Epidemiology and risk factor assessment in cardiovascular diseases. Blood pressure measurement. History taking in angiology. Peripheral artery disease. Deep vein thrombosis. Examination of the peripheral vessels.

ms diabetes and endocrine center

Gastrointestinal history taking. Examination of the liver, spleen and the bileduct system. Haematological history taking.

Physical examination in hematological diseases. Bloodsmear taking and examination. History taking and physical examination in endocrine diseases. Leading symptoms of diabetes. History taking and physical examination in kidney diseases. History taking in immunological and rheumatological diseases.

ms diabetes and endocrine center

Examination of the muscles and joints.