Insulin resistance causes obesity

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PMID: Abstract Obesity is associated with lower serum 25 OH D level via several mechanisms including sequestration of fat soluble vitamin D in increased fat mass. Since obesity is the major cause of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, lower serum 25 OH D level is also associated with these conditions.

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Non-surgical weight reduction, insulin resistance causes obesity that results in decreased visceral fat mass, is associated with an improvement in insulin resistance and a small but significant increase in serum 25 OH D level. Whether the latter is independently associated with the former is not known. Plural meta-analyses reported that vitamin D supplementation per se without life-style intervention is not associated with a significant weight reduction.

Almost every body system is affected including cardiovascular, endocrine, nervous, urinary, gastrointestinal and respiratory system. The role of adipokines and Obesity is an exorbitant accumulation of adipose tissue due to a relatively higher calorie intake than expenditure. The major consequence of Obesity is defined as excess of body fat that may have negative influence on heath.

The beneficial effects of vitamin D supplementation on glucose metabolism appeared to be more prominent in non-obese subjects in whom higher serum 25 OH D level were attained, suggesting potential benefits of vitamin D on glucose metabolism is not mediated by weight or fat mass control. MeSH terms.

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